Friday, 30 September 2011

Oblivion Re-installed - Finally!

Well, after so many annoying PC issues I finally got Oblivion re-installed.  I expected it to be running a bit better than it is although it's not stuttering and crashing like it was, and I have the same, if not more mods this time.  A great  number of those are merged into my Bashed Patch and they are deactivated anyway so it's not so bad at the moment and a lot are texture replacers.  I have to get around to doing some CS work and cut down the number of armour and incidental mods into a single esp.  Or maybe a couple.

I had one freeze tonight during my first couple of hours of play, but I was able to get out of it with the Task Manager so it wasn't a total pain in the butt.  At least it didn't CTD on exit either.  More than likely the game directory needs to be defragged rather desperately considering the amount to of files I added to it today.  A LOT!

Just a few pics to start with as it's after

Happy getting things back to normal with my PC.   I hope.

This is Chiara, my new character.

Outside my Druid Home.

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