Sunday, 25 September 2011

They Say Bad Things Come In Threes

As the title says.   I just got over my hard dive issue and now my DVD drive has died, or so it seems.

The error messages in the Event Viewer say paging file errors and registry corruption because of other newly installed programs or drivers according to Microsoft's help pages which are next to useless.  And I haven't done anything like that anyway since last week.  I've spent all afternoon into the evening researching and tried every fix I can find including checking the cables, registry edits, uninstalling it and reinstalling and yet Windows doesn't see it and neither does the BIOS.

I was going through all my backup discs looking for a particular old file with no problems, until I plugged in my USB zip drive which has been fine itself.  Then the next DVD I tried in the drive spun up but failed to be read and I had to stick a pin in the hole to get the drawer to open because nothing was working.  All of the discs are fine as I went through them the other day getting ready to reinstall Oblivion which is now in limbo until I either get this one sorted or buy a new drive.  At least they are cheap.

What ticks me off is I have two perfectly good Pioneer drives in a cupboard because they are IDE and my motherboard only has one IDE slot, therefore the current optical drive is SATA.  My boot drive is using the IDE.  The new HDD is SATA though, but I prefer to keep the older drive as the separate boot drive in case of another mishap where I might be without a PC altogether.  That doesn't bear thinking about even for a week.

 I never liked the SATA DVD drive anyway as it's slower than IDE takes ages to read a DVD and open and close.  A  minor thing but annoying.  I might look into buying an IDE adaptor so I can use the other drives which were very expensive at the time I bought them and are just doing nothing.

Thankfully, even though I can't install anything else now I do have one game installed that I can play, and the only one that's got me enthralled at the moment which is Age of Conan if you hadn't guessed, but I'll have to do something about it ASAP as Skyrim is coming and I've also decided to get Deus Ex:Human Revolution.

Hopefully I don't have to reinstall windows again soon because I'll be up the proverbial creek without a paddle and funds are tight at the moment.  I only did it last week after I got the new hard drive.

Whatever the third "mini" disaster is I hope it's not PC related.  In all the years I've been using PC's I've never, ever had hardware failure so I guess I've been pretty lucky.  I don't mind if my mouse gives up the ghost as I've got a new spare anyway and I got a new keyboard recently because half the letters were worn off from playing games.  And the all important sprint key (Shift) was broken.   XD.

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