Friday, 23 September 2011

Musical Reminiscing

As you may know, if you've read my other posts here, a couple of weeks ago my hard drive died and I had to buy a replacement.   This isn't about that as such but besides my current addiction to Age of Conan, I haven't installed any other games and have been revisiting my huge music collection.

I have around 200 or so vinyl LP's and something like ten years ago I converted a lot of them to MP3's and burned them to cd's for my own use because many were just impossible to get on CD even from overseas.  Since then though I have been able to get the rarer ones on CD even having to import a few of them.

It was a long and painful process using a good turntable and my PC to edit and convert them and I didn't so all of them of course, only the hard to get ones.  I don't think that's illegal as I have the originals...or I hope not now I've mentioned it here.  Whatever...  I still have the LP's in their original sleeves and covers in perfect condition and many are probably worth a lot of $$.  There used to be a lot more than 200, probably double that number, and I also had a huge collection of singles but I gave away a lot of them and others were "appropriated' at parties or just got lost in moving house, never returned after lending, etc.

Anyway, to the main point.  I don't currently own a stereo system (or the turntable) as I use my PC for everything entertainment related and I gave away the one I did have to my brother.  Since we don't speak anymore due to unresolved family conflicts I'll never see that again, but I don't really care as my PC does everything I need.

I wonder if anyone reading this has heard of Sixto Rodriguez.  He's a very underrated artist from the 80's and as far as I know is still performing somewhere in the world.  His songs speak of conflict and real issues and he's much like Bob Dylan in many ways.

I tried to find songs with him actually performing and managed to find a couple of decent videos.

This one is called Inner City Blues.

Crucify Your Mind.

After listening to Rodriguez' music I started on Bob Dylan. No-one ever said I don't have a wide range of musical tastes...XD. From metal, reggae, some pop, electronic, punk, some classical, and more....but no rap or country. I don't know which of those last two I hate more.

These last three are from the album Desire and every song on that album brings tears to my eyes.  Not depressed tears or sadness, but a deep feeling for his lyrics.

This is called Sara, one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I'm a Scorpio as well.

Romance in Durango

And I imagine a lot of people will know Hurricane which is a true story about Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a man unjustly tried for something he didn't do because of his colour. The lyrics speak for themselves.

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