Sunday, 4 September 2011

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Found this today.  Since I had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than grieve for my hard drive and games.

It's a video from Kreisher apologizing for stealing content from other sites, including Tesnexus.  Of course he doesn't put it in those terms but that's exactly what it is.

It's repetitive and goes on and on for nearly 7 minutes so I zoned out halfway through.

I also found links to other sites like Bioware who also have complaints about the site and their practices as well as a heap of promotional pages for Gmod itself.

This site is poison.  Stay away unless you want malware, content without the author's permission and an inability to access your files if they find their way there.  According to the Bioware page at least one mod has the wrong authors's name so how would the correct person be able to access the file to update or
anything else.  It seems emails and requests to have content removed or for info go unanswered.

Site owner's need to be aware of bandwidth leeching as well as mentioned in the Tesnexus threads linked in my earlier post here

I can't even access the site at all unless I allow it temporarily with NoScript (for Firefox)so it must be pretty script heavy.  All I get is a blank page with the NoScript logo.  That's a no no in my book.

Although we can't do much about most sites that do the same thing with user made mods, and they are everywhere,  I can't believe these people had the gall to come to the main mods sites and tell people what they are doing, and that they think they are in the right.

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